Printing Services/Price List

Prints from Negatives 

Exhibition Prints/ Fine Art Printing

All advanced manipulation, special processing and developers.
Archival processed, selenium toning and basic spotting. Printed on fiber paper.

Prints are prepared in a variation of at least three; the photographer will select from these variations.
Also includes private consultation with Kimberly to discuss your exact needs.

8 x 10″ $ 140.00
11 x 14″ $ 175.00
16 x 20″ $ 275.00


**Please note that this page is a work in progress - pricing for work prints, final prints, and other services will be updated soon. Please, contact me directly if you need this information immediately.

Coming soon...

  • Final Prints

All necessary manipulation to meet your vision. Includes; basic spotting and cropping

  • Work Prints

Straight prints, full frame, no manipulation, standard negative carrier (no border) 

  • Film Developing

All film is developed by hand in my home darkroom and will be considered on a case by case basis. I am happy to recommend developer options, including those I would mix from scratch. 

  •  Workshops